Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Judy Miller

For a comprehensive, but brief, update on the Judy Miller drama, go to Talk Left. If you want more follow the links to Ariana.

Wal-Mart blues

Wal-Mart is worried about rising gas prices, as well they should be. Most of their stores are completely car dependent and as gas prices rise it becomes less attractive to motor to a store in a paved over corn field to do some recreational shopping and savor the free air conditioning.

Also, we all know the people who feel the gas price (and rising interest rates) squeeze first fit the profile of typical Wal-Mart shoppers and employees-- hard working people who are paid shit, are treated like shit, and operate with no financial safety net at all; people who rely on hope and day dreams fueled by lottery winning fantasies to maintain some sanity and remain compliant participants in a brutally unfair society.

Tough shit Wal-Mart. Maybe you should offer free fill ups.


I am back from Reno/Tahoe. In the first hour I won $425 dollars at the Siena crap table and walked away with it. Their 10X odds are the best I’ve ever seen and Siena is my favorite, hotel—on the high side of my budget ($99 weeknights, $149 weekends) but in range for vacation splurges.

(on edit: rates change with the seasons and how you order. Do so on line seems to be the cheapest.)

While in Reno I saw regular gasoline as high as $290. I got my best flight rates from America West and found myself better treated and slightly less jammed in than on recent trips on American and United. I spent time at Squaw Valley which is a great place to sit outside, drink coffee, shoot the shit and enjoy wide mountain vistas and light air which seemed to open me up and send thoughts soaring. Unlike the thick, heavy, humid air recently dumped here in Pennsylvania that closes you in and pushes you down.

This morning I looked around and read two great posts at Billmon (today and yesterday's) and found out that Ambassador Bolton recently visited Judy Miller in jail.

By the time I left Reno I gave back the $425.

(On edit: Make that three great posts by the absolutely awesome Billmon.)