Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Virtual Potemkin Village

Team Trump warned Russia ahead of the bombing of the Syrian airport thus ensuring that no real damage would be inflicted. The bombing had little to do with Syria's use of chemical weapons.  I believe the bombing and subsequent break with Putin are elements of an elaborate, Team Trump/Putin charade aimed at diverting attention from their continued collusion. It began with the lead-up to the presidential election, the election itself and now the cover up of the earlier conspiracies.  It may be the alleged Syrian use of chemical weapons was actually engineered by the Russians to provide a foundation for the current cover up phase. Unlike Trump, the Russians are  capable of engineering this entire charade, in all its complexities. 

What we have here is an effective virtual Potemkin Village designed to fool us all.  All the components of the simple cold war realities are back in place. We can be comforted by a national defense-strong President Trump, always ready to demonstrate our power and holding  Russia in place.   The reality behind the facade is Putin (with a pocket full of blackmail worthy info on Trump) pulling Trump the puppet's strings.