Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not ready for a Clinton rerun

It has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman. It has everything to do with some of us being sick of the entire Clinton package and not at all being pleased by the prospect of a rerun.

Change please.

Don't forget

It is not possible to claim intelligence or sanity if you voted for Bush in either or both presidential elections.

Business ethics 2.

Do not sell products or services you know you can’t deliver or promise deadlines you know you can not meet. Do not demand your employees deliver what can not be done because you convinced someone to purchase a fantasy.

Also, when faced with failure do not try to convince your client/customer that you have delivered what you have not. It is never ethical to employ illusions, unnecessarily complex data, magical graphs, high speed speaking, diversions and delusion fostering flatteries to make it appear you have upheld your part of a bargain.