Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get off the cloud Obama

I knew we were in trouble when Obama decided to give the Bush criminals a pass. It got worse with his sad efforts to reach out to Republicans. He should know they have the single agenda of obstructing his programs and destroying whatever they label as Liberal. Now it's time for Obama to stop being above it all and come down from the cloud and get his hands dirty. Republican extremists only respond to a kick in the teeth followed by an indictment. Hopefully Obama is not too enamored of his bipartisan self and the enchantment of being president to do that.

It's time to go after the big banks, close Guantanamo, prosecute the torturers, and force congress to bring to votes what's good for us and not what seems most likely to pass. By aggressively pursuing a liberal agenda the agents of failure will be clearly identified and the blame placed where it belongs.

Obama, you need to be more altruistic and less political.