Monday, May 15, 2006

Another cancer update

My friend Jim at Noutopia wrote to ask how I was doing. I assumed he meant with my cancer. For anyone else interested, here's what I wrote back:

I feel fine. No symptoms, no side effects. There never were any. But there is some kind of jump into another dimension. Things look and feel different, almost watery, and I am more detached than ever, ever more keenly and immediately aware of impermanence. Very odd. But also feels very "true" and causes me to be more quiet, move more carefully and be more watchful and conscious of others, their agendas, feelings and importances.

Mostly I am quite content to hang out here with Joanne and the dogs. I take one pill a day. Have had a shot of something that lasts three months and if all goes well will begin a rigorous course of radiation sometime in July that will last nine weeks, five days a week. Very surreal. A huge rush of intense action and emotion followed by a stretch of nothing.