Friday, June 08, 2012

Excessive influence of wealth wrecks Democracy

 There is  no democracy when wealthy corporations and ultra rich individuals exercise as much influence as they do now. The Supreme Court, now tilted to the insane Right, is steadily destroying the spirit of one vote per person by advancing the influence of the wealthiest. 

Those that think we have a democratic system are delusional.  We are now a plutocracy and orderly change back to the democracy we thought we had is not longer possible. Those in power will not give up their overwhelming influence willingly or peacefully and will continue to use the manipulations possible with mass media and market controls to ensure huge numbers of citizens always ask the wrong questions and are moved by more compelling emotion invoking non issues than they are by their own best interests.  No one is more pathetic than a poor, working or middle class conservative Republican whose political choices are driven by fear and hatred of gays, abortion, gun control advocates,  immigrants, racism and so on.... 

CNN's woes

Bad ratings are well deserved.

It's not so much the anchors (though Blitzer and King suck) as it is the worn out, tired political hacks they parade out over and over again as "experts" or spokespersons for one or the other political parties. There is never a fresh point of view expressed and never a true Liberal or Progressive view represented. 

It is always the same old Gergen and company in centrist guise as a cover for advancing conservative hegemony .  Worse even than Gergen is the disgusting Ari Fleischer who is unbearable to look at and is both offensively smarmy and relentless.  When Fleischer appears everyone  in their right mind changes the channel.

Maybe CNN should switch to an all day BBC or  Aljazeera.  Real news and intelligent discussion from multiple view points would be refreshing.