Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Virtual Potemkin Village

Team Trump warned Russia ahead of the bombing of the Syrian airport thus ensuring that no real damage would be inflicted. The bombing had little to do with Syria's use of chemical weapons.  I believe the bombing and subsequent break with Putin are elements of an elaborate, Team Trump/Putin charade aimed at diverting attention from their continued collusion. It began with the lead-up to the presidential election, the election itself and now the cover up of the earlier conspiracies.  It may be the alleged Syrian use of chemical weapons was actually engineered by the Russians to provide a foundation for the current cover up phase. Unlike Trump, the Russians are  capable of engineering this entire charade, in all its complexities. 

What we have here is an effective virtual Potemkin Village designed to fool us all.  All the components of the simple cold war realities are back in place. We can be comforted by a national defense-strong President Trump, always ready to demonstrate our power and holding  Russia in place.   The reality behind the facade is Putin (with a pocket full of blackmail worthy info on Trump) pulling Trump the puppet's strings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Only big government can save the country; save the planet

On a crowded planet on the edge of climate catastrophe, we no longer have the luxury of small government, low unemployment with a now primitive goal of deregulation and an every man for himself society. No matter how strongly Paul Ryan wants it that way.  Those days and those options are gone forever.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Paul Ryan close to the KKK

Paul Ryan has only one degree of separation from the Klan.  How about that Kermit?  

Looking forward to watching him work with Steve Bannon. 

$1,997,000 kill fee for Waterbuck.

How's that for priorities and social responsibilities almost $2 million to kill a Waterbuck. And, how's that for trickle down economics and how tax breaks for the ultra rich are  so necessary and good for all of us.

America has turned into a comic book with  bizarre villains but much fewer heroes-- the latter all powerless and confused.

This article has several images of our homegrown aristocratic comic book heroes at work, social responsibility nowhere to be found.

Foxes in the hen house

Imagine what a business advantage it would be if the otherwise less than remarkable Trump kids had top security clearance. Wonderful tool for destroying those that piss you off and also a fantastic advantage in negotiating deals.

Trump son has an elephant by the tail. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Chomsky on Trump

Follow the link.  He is not happy.

If we can afford lots of billionaires we can afford universal, single payer healthcare insurance

A little bit of googling can give you plenty of evidence of how our system compares to Europe's and Canada's and  does not measure up.  In one comparison (Forbes) we come in tenth of ten. Canada is very highly rated always.  It is sinful that their targets to balance budgets focus first on Medicare, a program that is vital to older, less than rich Americans.  A greater sin is their lust after Social Security money WHICH IS OUR MONEY. WE COUGHED IT UP, DEDUCTED FROM PAYCHECK AFTER PAYCHECK.  IT IS  NOT THEIRS TO SCREW AROUND WITH.

Paul Ryan is so fundamentally stupid that he believes  his simplistic approach has uncovered the holy grail of budget balancing.  You just shut down Medicare, lay off all those that administer it and then tap into the oceans of Social Security money and there you have the solution to all problems. 

They will do anything, absolutely anything to avoid increasing the taxes on the rich, collectively, the golden goose that keeps the whole stinking wad of them flying hither and yon on fact finding missions, golf outings, conferences about yo yos and fiddle de das. 

Ryan is a no good s.o.b.  who is shrouded in enormous blind spots that let him seize the podium and blather on about how it all fits together..  Take a little piece here, tighten this old guy's belt, and there you have it.  The solution to all budget problems as presented to you  by the mighty Kermit the Frog in simple quacks and chirps.

Paul Ryan, dedicated to eliminating medicare

What is it with Ryan anyway?  Why is he so big on frightening old people.  To be dedicated to eliminating medicare is a pathetic life goal.  But he is determined to eliminate it and force old people with little or no money to purchase heath care coverage on the open market.

What a nasty, close minded little prick he is.  Leave Medicare alone. Don't mess with Social Security.  Find something bigger to do with your life than waging war against, old, poor people.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Professor Irwin Corey clears things up.

It's time for Professor Irwin Corey to help us understand Trumpsters

CNN = supermarket tabloids

CNN's failure to confront Trump's lies and air and examine his business failures and alleged sex crimes while drilling deep into all hints of Hillary's misdeeds contributed significantly to Trump's victory.  CNN should never again be a trusted news source and, as a source, is now as unreliable and silly as any supermarket tabloid.

Also, if you watched Anderson on Jeopardy, you found out he is not very knowledgeable, but also not very smart.  He must take direction well and does a good job projecting facial expressions of approval or concern.  Mostly, though he is apparently an empty suit.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Blowing off the dust

I can't seem to settle on a new design template.  I am going to switch them now and then until I find something I am comfortable with.  I like the look of brother Tomas's sometimes funny blog and may settle with the same template, but different colors and images.

We both, Tomas and I, have it in for the chirpy and sometimes quietly quacking Paul Ryan who is straining at the leash to get rid of the pitiful health care coverage most of us have and replace it with.....NOTHING.  Nothing but our own savings tucked away for a rainy day.  Who has in case I get sick savings? Terror as constant pain in the gut, comes to 20 million or more Americans, if Ryan has his way. He has no sense of how frightening it is for old people, sick people, not quite poor enough people to qualify for bare minimum assistance, to face no coverage.

Paul Ryan is a heartless s.o.b.

I have no idea of what he is thinking.

I believe that a society should be valued by the condition of its least fortunate members. Not how rich the richest are. Ryan, of course, is snugly tucked in to great benefits.  Pension and health care insurance for life (awarded after serving one single two year term) and, therefore not a care in the world about how to pay for the drugs.

We need to take a long look at Ryan. He really thinks he is a good guy; one who has it all figured out, written down and organized in spread sheets.

We are back

Trump and the Trumpettes have driven us from the TV especially from CNN who lined up their entire crew to gorge themselves at the ratings trough.  CNN, via hours and hours of free, butt licking Trump coverage while avoiding airing the shit bag full of perversity he drags around, has earned a full share of responsibility for whatever wreckage he hangs around our necks for the next four years at least.

Monday, January 07, 2013

CNN: too much inbreeding

 CNN's nepotism contributes to its  mediocrity.   Guests commentators and pundits seem to be all related to each other or old friends and school mates.  Makes it all one happy slumber party  with soft sighs of  "we are really something special," maybe whispering from Margaret Hoover's (great granddaughter of Herbert) lips to husband and fellow CNN commentator John Avlon's ear.