Thursday, February 25, 2010

Killer Whales: Let them go

Keeping large wild animals in small enclosures for no reason but entertainment is a disgusting practice. Turning them into dancing clowns even more perverse. Better to either let them go or, if they can't survive in the wild, keep them cared for in areas open to the sea in a way that allows them to come and go.

Link to Deep Ecology

Ford Fusion 2010 transmission problems

Our 2010 Ford Fusion had serious transmission problems at 10,000 miles. The transmission slipped and also would not shift to a higher gear. The problem was intermittent, seemed most likely to occur when it and the engine were warm. Our most serious incidents happened after we had traveled 20 miles on the interstate and were going up hill. A brief cruise through Google revealed that many others are experiencing the same or similar problems with the same model Ford. Ours is at the dealer's for the second time. The first time they said they were unable to reproduce the problem.