Monday, November 14, 2016

If we can afford lots of billionaires we can afford universal, single payer healthcare insurance

A little bit of googling can give you plenty of evidence of how our system compares to Europe's and Canada's and  does not measure up.  In one comparison (Forbes) we come in tenth of ten. Canada is very highly rated always.  It is sinful that their targets to balance budgets focus first on Medicare, a program that is vital to older, less than rich Americans.  A greater sin is their lust after Social Security money WHICH IS OUR MONEY. WE COUGHED IT UP, DEDUCTED FROM PAYCHECK AFTER PAYCHECK.  IT IS  NOT THEIRS TO SCREW AROUND WITH.

Paul Ryan is so fundamentally stupid that he believes  his simplistic approach has uncovered the holy grail of budget balancing.  You just shut down Medicare, lay off all those that administer it and then tap into the oceans of Social Security money and there you have the solution to all problems. 

They will do anything, absolutely anything to avoid increasing the taxes on the rich, collectively, the golden goose that keeps the whole stinking wad of them flying hither and yon on fact finding missions, golf outings, conferences about yo yos and fiddle de das. 

Ryan is a no good s.o.b.  who is shrouded in enormous blind spots that let him seize the podium and blather on about how it all fits together..  Take a little piece here, tighten this old guy's belt, and there you have it.  The solution to all budget problems as presented to you  by the mighty Kermit the Frog in simple quacks and chirps.

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