Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Brer Muslim?

Newsweek retraction stories are all over the place. Josh Marshall, Olbermann and Silber, for example.

It’s hard to feel bad for Newsweek, especially so for Isikoff. Isikoff "discovered the liaison between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and it was his reporting that led to impeachment proceedings against the president." Even Dan Rather is a more sympathetic victim of the same frighteningly effective Bushista censorship. Maybe having the Bush boot heel on the Newsweek necks, for repeating a frequently reported story about Koran abuse, will piss them off enough that they will find the courage to write the truth more often. Not likely.

As for me, if I were locked up in Guantanamo I’d prefer having them flush my books down the toilet to having them beat the shit out of me and hold my head underwater until I passed out.

To paraphrase Brer Rabbit: Please oh please don’t flush my books. Drown me. Beat me. Shock me. But please Brer Bush don’t flush my books.

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