Sunday, May 08, 2005

Election Theft

Evidence of the theft of the 2004 election continues to be ignored by the mainstream media. But there is too much evidence to ingore forever. The issue has not gone away and those that were pissed off about it are still pissed off.

Go here. And then follow the links in the article.


Derek said...


notinotas said...

hahaha another loco

Mark said...

I wonder, how does being pissed now help an election 7 months ago? Wouldn't be better to an impeachment movement if you feel Bush & Co. illegally manipulated the election results?

How is an alleged rigging of an election in 2004 any different than rigging one in 1960?

Mark said...
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Derek said...

Wow you know I half expected this guy to have some brilliant comment but it is typical of a Democrat yell conspiracy and offer no proof. Hey MORON you lost get over it. I bet this guy is printing his " Support Hillary in 08 " bumper stickers as we speak. How funny would that shit be , I would love to sit here and have an intellegent debate with you but I'll leave that to Mark I am content with sitting here making fun of yet anothe Democrat conpiracy Theorist