Monday, May 09, 2005


Daily Kos makes some good points today about supporting our troops. Since so many our neighbors, I'm sure you know at least one, including the middle aged and family breadwinners, have been called to active duty, and since the maximum age to enlist is now 38, those that think this war is a good thing can best support those National Guard men and women called away from their families and jobs, by enlisting themselves. There’s even plenty of room for religious right extremist ministers.

Now that's great and all, but hey -- the armed forces are in crisis. Recruitment is down and falling by the month. We have a critical personnel shortage that is not solving itself. Our recruiters are being forced to lower their standards, letting just about any scrub in to meet impossible quotas.

So how about these preachers, who think this war is oh-so-just, put their words in action and encourage their flock to enlist? But I couldn't find any such proclamations from these two preachers. Lots of boilerplate about "supporting the troops", but nothing encouraging their followers to put words to deeds.

It's the hallmark of the American Right, whether it's the American Taliban or the 101st Fighting Keyboardists -- cowardice masked by tough words and no action.

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