Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Whatever Cheney says, it’s a safe bet that the opposite is true. Yesterday, visiting Talk Left, I was reminded of the obvious: Cheney says Dean never won anything. Dean was elected Governor of Vermont five times.

And, there’s Cheney's truth forgotten statements on these issues: the “final throes” silliness, the WMD lies and all that stuff about being welcomed with bouquets from grateful Iraqis.

Or, maybe they’re not lies. Maybe Cheney's nasty ego is so inflated he actually believes that any thought he has is true simply because it is a Cheney thought.

It is amazing how far a crazy white man with a deep voice can go in this country. Even a pasty one like Cheney who is not especially bright, has few if any talents, spent most of his life shuffling papers and thinks shooting dozens of pheasants as they are released from cages is hunting.

What a country.

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