Thursday, June 23, 2005

Out foxed

There are still some ripples around from the Susan Estrich/Fox news teapot tempest.

Yesterday this was posted on Talk Left

I've done legal commenting on Fox News for eight years, mostly from Denver but many times at their New York studio. I've never been paid a dime by them, although I've asked a few times. I can underscore they never, ever tell you what to say and you can say whatever you want. Their producers are top notch. They are appreciative, professional and a pleasure to interact with. I may not share the views of their anchors, but on a personal level, I like every one of them.

I've never met Roger Ailes, so I don't have anything to say there, but I think the attacks on Susan are catty and misinformed. Susan is a law professor and expert on politics and feminist issues. I don't always agree with her either - I'm far to the left of her - but the attacks on her embarrass me. Liberals need to stop eating their own.

Talk Left is a fine blog but I disagree with almost everything in this post. Even the worst people can be polite and socially gracious and characterizing Fox that way is a meaningless defense.

There is no need to “tell you what to say” because your message is not going to be heard. You are not there for an exchange of ideas, or to provide content. You are their to play a part in simple play. The Fox propaganda maestros know that in their territory when you are painted “liberal” you have no message of your own. You are a stooge in a political theater. The more earnest you appear the better it is for them.

Here’s how Rove characterized girly men liberal reactions to 9/11.

…liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers….

An ambitious liberal, even an eloquent and informed one, goes on Fox news, thinks he or she is making a point, is bullied, insulted, shouted down and, tail wagging, limps back for more. That simple, repeated play makes Rove’s point. Liberals are flower children, never to be entrusted with the responsibities of real power in a dangerous world. Only conservatives are strong enough to protect us.

No liberal should ever go on Fox news. But some will and will be out foxed. Being on TV is a high few ambitious egos are able to resist even though playing a part in their propaganda theater advances their message, not ours.

Lefties on Fox news embarrass me.

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