Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The pump

From Kunstler's Clusterfuck Nation.
Iraq is not Vietnam, all right, because there is no way the US can pull out now without severe consequences, namely the loss of our access to all the oil in the Middle East -- where two-thirds of the world's remaining oil is

From a Patriot News (PA) editorial

...It may be true that the world has 40 years of oil left. But it doesn't have 40 years to figure out how it will manage once the Age of Petroleum expires. Long before then, the price will make oil too expensive to burn. ..

America and the world needs leadership today to begin moving beyond the assumption we can drill and pump our way through any potential energy shortfall. Better to act now than wait until the geological realities of oil depletion hit the world economy with full force.

From The Pocono Record:

"I definitely drive a lot less," said 18-year-old Greg Bremer of Brodheadsville, who carpools to his job in Quakertown to conserve gas.

Filling the two tanks of his light brown, 1988 Ford F-150 truck costs him $80. Bremer pumped $30 into one tank Monday evening and admitted he misses the 4-cylinder Nissan Stanza he drove before it was wrecked in an accident.

Also from the Pocono Record is this link to cheap gas in your neighborhood

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