Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A hard left to the gut

Here's another terrific response to Will Marshall, Republican Lite at the DLC. Read the whole thing, it will make you feel good.
...Will, it's not that I don't sympathize with you on the surface. If all you do is sit around watching Fux News and suck your thumb, you do indeed come to the conclusion that people hate Democrats and think they're traitorous bastards who despise America. If all you do is listen to Rush, if all you do is listen to your asshole Republican brother in law at the family barbecue, if all you do is stand there and let them tell you, day after day, what is wrong with you, I can see coming to the same conclusion you have. It's so hard, isn't it. Everybody's so mean.

But what we have do, Will my love, is not "come to terms" with what our opposition says we are and promise, really promise, the American people we'll change. What we need, Will, is not some national apology session in which we say we regret opposing a war that was in fact wrong and that we did in fact lose. What we need is not some sort of press conference to announce that we're sorry we hurt all those segregationists' feelings all those years ago by opining timidly that perhaps police should not turn hoses on peaceful protestors and that we should all just drink out of the same fountain. Because when you talk about protest culture, Will, that's what you're talking about. That's what they're really mad about....

The link may load a little slowly because Atrios also posted a link and very likely the hordes that visit Eschaton are crowding the doorway.

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