Friday, September 16, 2005

Gold rush

Here’s how the Bush Gulf Coast recovery plan works.

First, push through a wage cut plan that lowers wages from the princely “prevailing rate” of $7 or $8 an hour to the federal minimum $5.15 per hour. Then, he makes sure his gluttonous corporate cronies, Halliburton, etc, get the lucrative contracts and, with the reduced labor expenses, they haul away obscene profits, all paid for by taxed Americans.

It's a gold rush, for Bush loyalists only.

The rebuilding of NO is turning into a fabulous scheme, looting by corporate plutocratic insiders on a mind bending, near mythic scale. It is unbelievable and so blatantly obscene, right in the faces of the cowardly Democrats that it seems the Bush crime family has abandoned any pretenses of propriety, legality, ethics, and morality. If we were not all paying for it and if innocent poor people were not suffering because of it, the Bush program of institutionalized looting would be a wonder to behold.

Bush/Cheney and their corporate coconspirators have simply accumulated so much power, so successfully intimidated and co-opted the media and the Democrats that they can operate as flagrantly as they please.

This is the new face of fascism, unmasked thuggery and raw greed arm in arm with crazy Christian fundamentalism, military adventurers and Blackwater mercenaries. Get used to it. They aren’t going anywhere and there is no effective opposition.

I’ll post more later (I have to work) but if you want to follow the gold rush closely, just go over to Josh Marshall.

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