Saturday, September 17, 2005


The fiasco in the Gulf is causing many to see the true self of the naked emperor. Even the fascist staging of his silly speech in NO, the melodramatic but temporary lighting of the set and motorcade route, and the chicken strut across the lawn, turned goofy in the minds of any not yet brain dead long before they doused the lights, packed up the generators, returning NO to darkness, and flew away.

Except of course, for the ultra faithful. Billmon:
...The true Bush cultists are hanging in there, following every loop and corkscrew in the party line like a carload of zombies on a rollercoaster.

Not much better are the sickenly ineffective Democrats who, handed a golden opportunity to mount a serious challenge, continue to act as if a critical whisper in the bathroom is real opposition and that compromises with the neo fascists are responsible government.

Just think about it. Karl Rove is in charge of rebuilding the Gulf coast with our money and we're standing for it quietly, acquiescent as zombies.


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