Friday, October 21, 2005

Imperial delusions

It has always been clear that the long term Cheney plan was to gain control, by any means, of the world’s energy resources, not for your benefit, or mine, as they would have us believe, but solely for the benefit of the American elites.

As things unravel, details of their imperialistic, delusional schemes come tumbling out.

Here (Billmon) and here (Billmon's source).

Once you grasp the goal, the guiding principle that only they should control vital resources, all the pieces fit smoothly into place.

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Anonymous said...

Americans sit in their living rooms and haven't a clue about what's going on overhead. I have a family full of this-is-America-how-could-we-do-bad-things folks --loving, generous, and well-meaning locally speaking, but blind as moles (and as globally irresponsible)when it comes to the USA.

It's fortunate people like Billmon's source, though almost fatally flawed, manage to spill the beans when needed. Whether or not this will make a dent in the skulls of moles is the question --and whether it matters at this point is one more.