Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fineman calls it for McCain/Lieberman

Howard Fineman thinks disgust at the Abramoff scandals could lead to a successful third party challenge. His dream ticket is headed by McCain and Lieberman. I am speechless; my brain numb at the prospect of these two despicable, self righteous nutbags heading anything.

Fineman is one of the most offensive typists covering politics. His early Newsweek coverage of Bush was teen fan magazine quality and now he’s launched another boat load of horseshit. What does Newsweek pay this guy to do? Sit around and make up childish fantasies to make the adults ooh and ahhh and pat him on his silly but naughty head?

If Sen. John McCain doesn’t win the Republican presidential nomination, I could see him leading an independent effort to “clean up” the capital as a third-party candidate. Having been seared by his own touch with this type of controversy (the Keating case in the '80s, which was as important an experience to him as Vietnam), McCain could team up with a Democrat, say, Sen. Joe Lieberman. If they could assemble a cabinet in waiting—perhaps Wes Clark for Defense, Russ Feingold for Justice, Colin Powell for anything— they could win the 2008 election going away.
via The Raw Story

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