Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sweet dreams of impeachment

Asked by ABC News following his speech whether President Bush's domestic spying program constituted an impeachable offense, Gore said it might be and pointed to one of the three Articles of Impeachment that the House Judiciary Committee approved against President Nixon on July 27, 1974.

"That's a legal determination for the Congress to make," Gore told ABC News. "But Article II of the impeachment charges against President Nixon was warrantless wiretapping that the President said was 'necessary' for national security."

"It can be" an impeachable offense, he added
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Before we get too carried away with sweet fantasies of impeachment we need to remember that Congress is controlled by Republicans. They will continue to be in control unless Democrats effectively address election fraud. By now the Republican election theft machine has been refined to work even more smoothly than it did 2004 and 2000, with key 2006 congressional elections in the crosshairs.

After years of watching these neo fascists operate, why would anyone think they will risk control of both houses in a fair election? The possibility of impeachment is too great a risk for them to take and they will do anything to win. To think otherwise is delusional.

Once in power fascists are difficult to dislodge

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