Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poor Obama

Obama's Presidency is in trouble because he is an honest broker. He came to office believing that if he is reasonable and willing to compromise he would be met in kind by the Republicans and Right wing Democrats and be able to get good things done for America and Americans. Too bad. That approach to government is no longer viable. In fact it is almost charming in its old fashion quaintness and would be a good goof if so much were not at stake. Obama needs to face the simple fact that the Right does not want to compromise one inch. It wants to wipe out, grind out of existence any ideas and those that hold them that differ from Right wing Republican orthodoxy. They do not want a country that values diversity, debate, free expresion and compromise. They want a singularity and they will get it if Obama does not wake up and if the Left does not step up to the challenge.

You don't need a compass to see where we're heading

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