Thursday, April 26, 2012

Control for the sake of control

I am filling out forms and writing checks for address signs with new numbers for each of the little houses we own.  I do not want the new addresses and I do not want to dig holes for  sign posts that will allow me to comply with my town's readdressing project. We each get a new number and instructions on how and where to display it.  They say that these numbers will allow emergency personnel to come to our aid more quickly. I say that is good motive and likely, at conception, a sincere one. However, new rules and more efficient data management often morph into more effective control of the public.  I think our new numbers will help bill collectors and the police more than it will help the local fire and ambulance volunteers. 

On a larger scale, here's a link to an old but still pertinent discussion of the Patriot Act:

It is stressful being a socialist and an anarchist at the same time.

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