Thursday, May 03, 2012

Anderson Cooper ambushes Moveon spokesperson

Anderson Cooper's treatment of the moveon spokesperson was obscene, as disgusting as anything  FOX does.  And he followed it up with a disgusting suck up spot for Ari Fleischer.  Is there a more disgusting TV commentator than Ari Fleischer?  Good grief. No wonder CNN has horrible ratings.

No person in the galaxy would willing turn on the TV to see Ari Fleischer.  No person turning on a TV and finding Fleischer on the screen would be happy to see him. Most if not all, when seeing Ari's disgusting self promoting routine begin, change the channel as quickly as their fingers can punch the buttons.

Even Tiger Woods at his lowest, fired Ari Fleischer after a very brief taste of Ari's self promotion.

What in the world is CNN thinking.  Do they think the world loves Bush rejects? Do they think the world is all Right wing wingnuts? Do they think any sane person trusts David Gergen and loves to hear his cleverly disguised Republican talking points buying the whole "he's so reasonable and fair and unbiased" bullshit subterfuge?  Do they think Liberals, Progressives, and various genuine centrists  and assorted lefties exist only to be mugged, outnumbered, spoken over, ridiculed, stabbed in the back, verbally punched and kicked and otherwise bullied by Anderson Cooper?  

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