Saturday, May 05, 2012

Anderson fouls Krugman (does Ari own CNN?)

Anderson had Krugman on, not alone, of course. Republican hack dog Gergen was there to ensure Krugman did not have the opportunity to give us a clear explanation of how the economic crisis, (depression) could be fixed.  He blames Republican intransigence and a wrong headed ideology based on hard work, God's will and budget cutting. Many jobs being lost are government jobs due to Republican driven  budget cuts.

A very agitated Gergen pops up in his tacky shrine room plastered with Harvard stuff (mostly with the word "HARVARD") and did his best to filibuster the segment while jamming in as many anti Obama talking points as he could.

Here's a simple question.  Why not have Nobel Prize winning Princeton Professor Krugman on by himself and give him ample time to present his position? That's what a real news outlet would do.  I know the answer. It is because he is a Liberal, his views are sound but contrary to the Republican agenda of doing the bidding of the richest 1% always and at all costs; and Krugman is articulate, respected and fearless.  CNN ain't got anyone smart enough to take Krugman down in a fair, reasonable discussion--thus the comparably stupid, worn down and over used like a cheap old whore Gergen is rolled out to provide one more smoke screen.

Anderson made no honest attempt to allow Krugman to lay out clearly his views on our economy. The opposite happened. 

No wonder CNN is a mess.  Best to  recognize Anderson for the over achieving little rich boy he is and move on to more rewarding diversions.

Here's a link to Krugman's excellent article How to End This Depression and his new book, End this Depression Now!

You'll have to read it yourself because you can be sure no one on TV is going to give it a fair airing.

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