Friday, May 04, 2012


Truth is there will never be an incinerator in my town because it has an unusual density of fools. Supervisors now are good people, but very timid and short sighted. For example, an alcohol and drug rehab is looking to open a branch in a shut down resort, bringing jobs and taxes. Some residents are terrified, however, of recovering drunks which to my mind are less dangerous than active drunks driving cars. Anyway, one even suggested having the patients wear electronic bracelets to keep them from leaving the grounds. These patients (or clients) are to be there voluntarily to recover; in short, they are regular folks with a drinking or drugging problem. Much of the reaction is borderline lynch mob mentality. My town: the gateway to Appalachia. So, suggesting an incinerator would provoke a reaction about the same as would be if we suggested a nuclear waste dump, or plague and smallpox storage facility or sewage transfer station. A small, state of the art incinerator that paid taxes and delivered very cheap energy would energize our corner of despair and may even allow it to prosper. What we have in abundance is trash from NJ and NYC passing through our area. I accept hopelessness and continue.

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