Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big government

How do you address global warming, job shortages, pandemics, over population, without big government?

I don't get what is supposed to happen to poor, sick, and/or disabled people without a social safety net that takes care of the basics.  Do we leave them to die in the street?

The days when simple self reliance was enough are long gone, along with wilderness and wide open spaces.  There are not enough jobs, not enough even for the most qualified and motivated and there never will be in our lifetime and it is foolish to assume that any single unfortunate is so because of some personal failure. Such assumption should certainly not be a foundation for social policy or political principle.

All our lives are entwined and much of what happens anywhere on the planet affects the whole.  That is how it is and without governments that learn to consider the whole in every act and policy we are left in chaos.

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