Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan: Fraud? Crackpot? Both?

The Dweeb Team

Gawker has the goods on Ryan.

I think he was a rudderless dweeby, goody goody boy until he came across Ayn Rand and swallowed it as if it had been delivered to him via the second coming.  Armed with Rand's nasty edged goofiness, Ryan the crackpot was launched.

When things are difficult and the problems complex there is always certain percentage of people who are especially vulnerable to those who espouse simple minded solutions. These distortions often are described as "common sense" which has no meaning at all but somehow empowers the most ignorant into equating simplicity with wisdom.

That's what we have here, Ryan's crackpot solutions to over simplified, fictional problems.

Ryan's fraud comes from his distortion of his past, his padded resume', his lack of private sector experience, his wealth derived from government sources, and his entire career as a government paid bureaucrat.

He's a fraud and a crackpot.

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