Friday, November 11, 2016

Blowing off the dust

I can't seem to settle on a new design template.  I am going to switch them now and then until I find something I am comfortable with.  I like the look of brother Tomas's sometimes funny blog and may settle with the same template, but different colors and images.

We both, Tomas and I, have it in for the chirpy and sometimes quietly quacking Paul Ryan who is straining at the leash to get rid of the pitiful health care coverage most of us have and replace it with.....NOTHING.  Nothing but our own savings tucked away for a rainy day.  Who has in case I get sick savings? Terror as constant pain in the gut, comes to 20 million or more Americans, if Ryan has his way. He has no sense of how frightening it is for old people, sick people, not quite poor enough people to qualify for bare minimum assistance, to face no coverage.

Paul Ryan is a heartless s.o.b.

I have no idea of what he is thinking.

I believe that a society should be valued by the condition of its least fortunate members. Not how rich the richest are. Ryan, of course, is snugly tucked in to great benefits.  Pension and health care insurance for life (awarded after serving one single two year term) and, therefore not a care in the world about how to pay for the drugs.

We need to take a long look at Ryan. He really thinks he is a good guy; one who has it all figured out, written down and organized in spread sheets.

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