Wednesday, August 03, 2005

One more time

Everyone who pays even a half assed attention to political news and has even an occasional ability to think objectively should know by now that the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged.

That means efforts to win votes are futile if votes are not cast and counted fairly.

One way to fight back against this coup is for candidates to refuse to concede and to exhaust every challenge in every lost election.

In case you need a refresher on what happened in Ohio in 2004, read the paragraphs below and go to Taibi's article and read the rest.

Here's a link to the New York Press article "HIGHLY IRREGULAR The Ohio election story is going to come back," by Matt Taibi.
Here's the thing about Ohio. Until you really look at it, you won't understand its significance, which is this: the techniques used in this particular theft have the capacity to alter elections not by dozens or hundreds or even thousands of votes, but by tens of thousands.

And if we ignore this now, we're putting proven methods for easily ripping off major elections in the hands of the same party that had no qualms whatsoever about lying its way into a war in Iraq. In the hands of a merely corrupt political party, a bad election or two would be no big deal. But these clowns we have in power now imagine themselves to be revolutionaries, and their psychology is a lot like that of the leadership of Enron, pre-meltdown—with each passing day that they get away with it, they become more convinced by a delusion of righteousness.

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