Friday, August 05, 2005

Visit Ohio in Harper's

Mark Crispin Miller has an article in the current Harper’s about how the 2004 presidential election was stolen in Ohio. There’s an introduction on Harper’s web site, here and a more detailed summary here.

People seem to be so sick of this administration’s ability to get away with outright theft and corruption that they just don’t want to look at it. Corruption, lies and criminal acts by the Bushistas and their supporting media agents is part of the landscape and we should all just get over it, stuff our embarrassment and depression and go quietly about our business like good Germans in the 30's.

I don’t think so. First, check out the links above and then go buy Harper’s and pass it around. Then resolve to challenge them every way you can, even in casual conversations with those that support these crazy pricks.

Resistance begins in your own livingroom and in the corner saloon.

Thanks to the Mahablog and The Sideshow

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